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The Personal Mission Statement Guide

The Personal Mission Statement Guide

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Are you ready to start living your life with purpose? Are you ready to learn how and when to say no- or yes so that you can focus on what matters most to you so you can be more efficient and feel positive about your choices?

The Personal Mission Statement guide is for men, women, kids, teens, seniors and just about anyone needing to step back, breathe and discover or rediscover who they are and what they stand for. Uncover your purpose and passions. Use this Personal Mission Statement guide and start living your life on purpose, with purpose. Understand what you want in life and start saying NO to anything that doesn't align to your goals and needs.


Discover How to Create Your Own Personal Mission Statement. THIS DIGITAL GUIDE INCLUDES:

- Why a personal mission statement is important

- What's a personal mission statement

- Best environment when creating a personal mission statement

- 15-minute meditation video

- Encouragement

- Quick guide with instructions

- Easy 4 Step by Step guide with thought provoking questions to help you elicit your core values.

- Reflect and ask for feedback

- Examples of personal mission statements

- and more.


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